A Folded Swan

In my signature fashion, I meticulously document each journey I embark on.
This particular series captures the essence of the honeymoon road trip my wife and I took across Indonesia. Adhering to my unique approach,
I processed the film using homemade development solutions.
This time, inspired by our deep engagement with the local communities,
who resiliently weathered the COVID-19 crisis by harvesting and selling jungle-grown cloves, I infused clove essence into my developing elixirs.

My artistic vision is centered on crafting melancholic, portal-like glimpses into an alternate world.
Each frame captures a fleeting beauty, a moment of dislocation,
transforming it into a distinct chromatic experience.
These images are standalone pieces; they don't weave a collective narrative but instead celebrate the singularity of each shot, thereby augmenting the individual character and impact of every photograph.