The Hermit and the Wasp

At "The Museum of Loss and Renewal" in Naples, my exploration with the age-old Calotype technique evolved into a profound self-revelation.
With nature as my compass, I ventured into the mountains, discovering oak galls crafted by a parasitic wasp. These galls, often overlooked wonders, became the essence of my creation; I employed them as the developer for my paper negatives and printed-out Calotypes. Embracing this unique and organic process with minimalistic tools, each image became a testament to nature's transient beauty and my personal journey within it. As I delved deeper, the garden hermit ethos of reflection and deep connection resonated stronger. I wasn't just inspired by it—I realized I embodied the garden hermit. Living the art of slowness, introspection, and imperfection, my work is both a revelation of self and an invitation to others. Beyond mere visuals, it's a call for ecological introspection, and a testament to art's transformative power. Through this fusion of simplicity, organic processes, and self-discovery, I aim to bridge the gap between art and nature, urging others to feel their deep, intertwined bond.

2023 - 2023